Jean-Buthler convinced me to make my first real estate investment by acquiring a condo in 2013. I went from tenant status to owner. Then he convinced me to sell my property six years later in 2019. I am currently shopping with Jean Buthler for the purchase of a single family as I dream of having. Jean Buthler is a man of his word. "

Gina Baret

I contacted Mr Jean Adelson, who had been recommended to me by a friend, around December 2018 for the evaluation of my condo with the aim of selling it. I was selling my condo in order to be able to increase the stake of funds on my project to buy a new property. From our first meeting I knew I was dealing with an honest person. All the other brokers I had met before him were ready to put him up for sale, while Mr. Adelson strongly suggested that I renovate it before putting it on the market. Besides, he recommended Dominique to me, a guy he said who could help me revamp the condo. Then he left. After the renovations, I called on Mr. Adelson again around March 2019, still with the objective of selling the condo. . After he had evaluated it and analyzed the market, he suggested that I not sell it but instead keep it and rent it out because the equity was not enough to make a difference in the the down payment. Although I did not understand very well, I followed Mr. Adelson's advice. Today I am still the owner of the condo as well as of my new family residence. Thank you Mr. Adelson

Auteuil, Laval

Jean Adelson is the best real estate broker I know. He listens to his client, he understands his needs very well, he clearly answers his questions, he is totally devoted to his profession. Jean is passionate about real estate, a man of his word